Author Topic: Retroshare pre-release of pre10  (Read 1673 times)

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Retroshare pre-release of pre10
« on: May 13, 2007, 08:02:05 PM »

Hi All, 
Lots of work this weekend...
and a new (windows) release is available 
So what improvements since v0.3.0pr9? :
(1) Private Chat.
(2) Messenger Window.
(3) switched to new installer.
(4) new Bandwidth Window (not operational yet).
(5) new Help Window... (help us edit it - in the wiki)
(6) other Bugfixes.
so please download, and test:
NB> You *MUST* uninstall the previous versions, 
as they will conflict (due to the change of installers). 
I'm hoping to push this out as the next 'stable' release (replacement for pr7), 
later this week. so let me know if something has been broken.
Also, the latest source code is all checked into SVN, 
so if you're very keen to get a linux version, you can check it out!.