Author Topic: SmallLabs Updater - effective tool to create patch packages  (Read 3543 times)

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SmallLabs Updater - effective tool to create patch packages
« on: August 18, 2004, 07:22:51 PM »

What is Updater?

Updater - an effective tool to create patch packages for software and file updating.

Instead of uploading different versions of similar files to the server (e.g. a new version of the program or data file), you can upload just the differences between the old and new file (update). The update file is usually much smaller than the entire file of a new version. Offering your customers a download of updates instead of the entire file, you will effectively decrease the traffic from your server.

How it works:

Run Updater and open the old and new files with it. Updater will compare the two files and generate a third file (update) which will contain only the differences between them.

Now, if your user have an old file on his computer, the update will generate the new file:

old + update => NEW


    * fast performance means processing large files in a short time;
    * process entire directories and directory trees;
    * highly compact update files using a strong compression algorithm;
    * easy-to-use and clear interface.
    * cross-platform operability - can create updates for all Windows,
      Linux, FreeBSD, and other UNIX platforms (on demand).

System requirements: Any Windows (95 to XP), Linux or FreeBSD platform.