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[DL] RShare Community Edition 07121
« on: May 05, 2007, 07:05:03 PM »
Changelog for Build 07121:

Code: [Select]
Date            What?                                                                                Who
2007-04-26      Added Syndie support                                                                 markus
2007-04-27      reformat preferences design for Syndie support                                       T.Norad
2007-04-28      reload of shared files implemented and redesign of some classes                      T.Norad
2007-04-28      BugFix: error at opening the directory of a shared file                              T.Norad
2007-04-29      Bugfix: there will not be any longer an exception thrown when
                Syndie is invoked from within RShare and Syndie path is not configured yet
                in RShare preferences. Instead of the exception a standard messagebox appears        markus
2007-04-29      Added context menu with popular pre-defined search extensions in RShare´s            markus
                search function       
2007-04-30      Added auto reload of shared files. This function can be enabled by a new             T.Norad
                option in the preferences
2007-04-30      Changed the auto reload of shared files. The option in the preferences moved         T.Norad
                to a new preference control named MiscControl. The Trackbar is replaced by a
                ComboBox. Cause the Trackbar doesn't support real transparent backcolor.
2007-04-30      Position of MiscControl nested Controls reformated.                                  T.Norad
2007-05-01      Redesign of calling a system process. Calling a system process is now wrapped        T.Norad
                by a class named ProcessStarter. Through this redesigning, the Bug "opening
                the incomming folder" in TrayMode also fixed.
                Added pdf as another pre-defined search option and completed icons of context        markus
                menu search options                                                               

Feedback thread for this release in english:,2698.0.html

Feedback-Thread für diese Version in deutsch:,2699.0.html

SHA1 Hash: D7A2B891EAD33B5744935B6CA9A95C5891D134F5 rshare.exe
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