Author Topic: Alliance 0.9.8 verfügbar  (Read 2640 times)

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Alliance 0.9.8 verfügbar
« on: April 22, 2007, 07:55:16 PM »
0.9.8 - 2007-03-02

    + Speed column shown in search result - approximates the download speed you will get when you choose to download the file
    + Added ETA on every search result - approximates the time it would take you to download the file - if you choose to do so
    + Added popup menus in friend tab and download tab
    + Alliance now works on Java 6.0
    + Alliance no longer selects listening ports higher than 40000
    + Files that you already have are shown grayed-out in search results
    + Download grid in download tab has a smarter selection of what download to display
    + You can see yourself in the friend list
    + People that have been online for a very long time are not visible in the userlist of your friends
    + Fixed bug: When number of sources no longer shown as "1.0" when there's actually 10 sources
    + Fixed bug: Two similar folder names can now be shared

wie auch festgestellt wurde, funktioniert alliance mit dyndns-accounts zusammen.

in der settings.xml sind die ip-adressen der freunde durch deren, sofern vorhanden, dyndns-accounts zu ersetzen.
somit sollten sich die kontakte auch nach einem ip-wechsel wieder finden lassen. bisher musste in diesem fall ein neuer code generiert werden.
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