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Status of the Mute-Project
« on: April 17, 2007, 02:12:34 PM »
Ok, i've asked Jason Rohrer (Mute-Developer) about the status of his Mute anonymous filesharing project, because the last release is nearly one year away. Thats, what he answered me:

I've just noticed that there are some major problems with the process of getting connected to the MUTE network.

1.  All of the web-based host caches are flooded with Gnutella nodes, and those are pushing the true MUTE nodes out of the cache.

2.  More and more people these days are behind firewalls---everyone who is behind a firewall depends on finding someone *not* behind a firewall with some open connection slots.  If you cannot find a non-firewalled node to connect to, you cannot join the network.

3.  There seems to be some kind of bug in the MUTE connection routine that causes it to stall (sometimes) after fetching hosts from the cache.  This bug causes MUTE to *never* connect.  I'm not sure why this never showed up last year, but it seems to be happening regularly now.  Perhaps it's a problem with one of the host caches stalling when it responds (there is no time-out on how long MUTE will wait for an HTTP response).

These things need to be fixed to make MUTE usable for everyone.  At this point, MUTE is more than 3 years old.  I have moved on to other projects, and I don't have interest in adding lots of new features to MUTE.  However, I would like to keep MUTE in a usable state,  so I plan on working to fix issues 1, 2, and 3 when I get a chance.


I also asked Eric Nuckols (Developer of Mute MFC) about the future of his Mute-Project. Last autumn he announced a new version of Mute MFC with some improvements in this board. This is, what he answered:

I've pretty much given up on MUTE MFC, but if someone wants to take it over, I will add them to the sourceforge site as a developer and let them take it over..

The more I think of it, the network handling and file handling is not well designed.  It is not efficient, it doesn't do swarming, and the network doesn't scale very well.  The only thing it really offers is "plausible deniability" in sourcing files.  There is not a lot of content on there..etc..etc...

I've been back and forth with EMule and BitTorrent... neither offer anonymity, but both are so much easier to use, more reliable, and are much more efficient.

Sorry to say... I think someone needs to come up with a new anonymous network backbone and file handling structure for MUTE before it is really worth it for me to put effort into it.

I don't have the time to be the person to design and construct all of the afformentioned, thus I yield the project to anybody who would like to take it over.


So it seems, that Mute or Mute MFC needs some smart guys to continue the development or the Mute-Project end the network will die in the near future.
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