Author Topic: ANts p2p II (kerjodando) anonymous file sharing downloading guide  (Read 5943 times)

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and (vote please!)

and (Indie Rock meetup page)

and (Indie Rock meetup)

How to Get Stuff with kerjodando



2.Select a meetup

3.Click on start

4.Download kerjodando p2p client (click RUN)

5.Connect to other users

6.Search download enjoy


With kerjodando you can anonymously download and enjoy public domain and user created movies, TV shows, music videos, games and more. Hereís how:

You do not initially need to download the kerjodando client.

When you go to download a public domain and user created movie or TV show, you will be given the opportunity to automatically download and install the client then.

You will need the latest version of Sun's Java RE software to run kerjodando available from here (most computers already have this installed).

kerjodando works with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

1. Goto (or some other Ant torrent indexing site) and click on image in TV or search for interesting networks (meetups).

No need to register or login.

However, creating an account will allow you to join more than two meetups (term used for mini network of friends) and to bookmark any intersting meetups that you find.

Find a cool meetup to join.

In this example, let's join an Indie rock and pop music meetup.


2. Click on start link on meetup page.


3. Wait while Java loads (10 seconds).


4.Wait while the kerjodando p2p client for that meetup downloads (1minute).


5.Click on RUN (wait about 30 seconds for p2p client to start).



6.Select language and OK.


7.Select Advance Mode and then OK.


8.To manually connect fill in "connect to neighbours" address and port from trusted peers and then click connect.


9.When connected (about 2 minutes to connect and 5 minutes to connect to super nodes) click on search tab.


10.Search, use search terms such as a*, mp3*, avi* or pdf* to get an idea of what is available for download.


11.Select a search result and right click and select download from sub-menu to download item.


Thatís it!

Keep in mind that a number of the steps in this guide assume you have never downloaded anything before from a kerjodando meetup.

Once you are set up, it is normally just a matter of finding something, downloading, opening and enjoying it.


Also see Ants p2p guide for extra information.