Author Topic: Stable Build 5091; besseres Startverhalten (RAM, CPU)  (Read 2137 times)

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Stable Build 5091; besseres Startverhalten (RAM, CPU)
« on: August 11, 2004, 08:35:25 AM »
From: Toad <toad@...>
Subject: Stable build 5091
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 02:07:09 +0100

Stable build 5091 is now available. Please upgrade.

To upgrade:
On Windows, use the update option on the start menu, if it is there.
On linux, stop the node, run, and start it.
On any platform, stop the node, fetch and overwrite
your existing freenet.jar with it, then restart the node.

Major Changes:
* Fix an NPE in fproxy when downloading KSKs.
* Reduce memory usage when reseeding.
* Save the overall rate limiting averages to disk, and load them on the
  next startup. This should smooth out the startup spike.
* Slight improvement to load estimation.
* Some changes to the distribution servlet (let it download the new
  freenet-ext.jar as a splitfile, untested).
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