Author Topic: Alliance v0.9.7 released  (Read 3535 times)

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Alliance v0.9.7 released
« on: February 19, 2007, 11:11:56 AM »
v0.9.7 - 2007-02-18

  + Added a small clock on friend icon when friend is away from the computer
  + Search hits are now compressed - this should make search result come back faster
  + Your own share is now viewable from the "view" menu
  + It's possible to send links to files in your share into the public chat - look in your share for this function
  + Duplicate files tab (also reached from view menu)
  + Current transfer speed is now shown in tray icon tooltip
  + Support for normal links to websites in chat
  + Discreete download and upload speed diagram in toolbar
  + Cut/Copy/Paste popup menus in places where you'd excpect them
  + Added a more detailed view of the selected download
  + Possibility to select what messages should show up as bubbles in system tray
  + Simplified search UI a bit
  + Changed color of star for "experienced" friends - it's green now
  + HTML no longer allowed in chat
  + Moved setting file, alliance hash database, alliance file index and other persistant state information to data/ folder - this folder is automatically created
  + Moved trace.log and error.log to logs/ folder - this folder is automatically created
  + Improved startup speed of entire application
  + Improved startup speed of splash window
  + Maybe fixed bug: all files turn up as duplicates