Author Topic: i2phex verfügbar !  (Read 3554 times)

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i2phex verfügbar !
« on: January 06, 2007, 10:13:23 PM »
I2phex, der Gnutella-Client für das I2P-Netzwerk, ist nach langer Zeit in einer neuen Version verfügbar :

Changelog :

 commit Striker's patch to avoid adding our own destination into the host file
 increase the interval of UploadTimer from 500ms to 10s since it doesn't benefit from very frequent checking (thanks for suggesting, striker!)
 initialize new installs to the same default tunnel length as I2PSnark does, meaning 1 + 0..1 hops (thanks for pointing out the shorter default, bar!)
 create a GUI option box (in Options >Download/Sharing Settings >Directories) for specifying allowed root directories on Windows, and an explanation label telling how to use it
 try fixing the repeated first-time messages experienced on some installations
 make the watchdog timer operate from openConnection() until closeConnection() to reliably abort all deadlocked downloads instead of letting some stall the webcache client
 increase the interval between idle "exploratory" webcache queries from 15 minutes to 25 minutes, since nothing seriously depends on them

Download unter

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Re: i2phex verfügbar !
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2007, 08:31:04 PM »
Kann es sein, dass die Suche nicht richtig läuft? Habe einige Files im Download, die aber nicht per manueller Suche gefunden werden.
Bei Suche nach .rar oder .zip erhalte ich meist nur 0-3, manchmal bis 100 Ergebnisse. Hab das Problem erst seit kurzem, den letzen monat lief alles rund.