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GNUnet 0.7.1a released
« on: January 01, 2007, 03:40:10 PM »

This release fixes various minor bugs and adds some minor features to GNUnet 0.7.1.
Noteworthy improvements since GNUnet 0.7.1 are:

    * Automatic detection of external IP addresses and port mapping for peers behind NAT using UPnP
    * gnunet-download can now be used to download files from already downloaded GNUnet directory files
    * gnunet-peer-info can now do reverse DNS lookups on peer addresses
    * gnunet-pseudonym is properly linked
    * Updated various man pages and other documentation
    * Extended options supported by gnunet-setup (now complete)

The following bugs have been resolved in GNUnet 0.7.1:

    * TCP transport did not connect from behind NAT if the TCP PORT was set to zero
    * potential assertion failure due to large select write queue (rare)
    * testing of bi-directional transports behind NAT with gnunet-transport-check
    * gnunetd now drops supplementary groups when changing permissions on startup
    * build problems with libiconv on some systems
    * verbose option for gnunet-transport-check
    * aborting gnunet-transport-check with CTRL-C