Author Topic: FreeMulET 0.6.9a released  (Read 4313 times)

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FreeMulET 0.6.9a released
« on: November 09, 2006, 10:25:06 AM »

0.6.8, 2006-11-07
* Fix bug file not found error in upload service
* Add clean in download popup menu
* Add antialiased and smiley option in chat panel
* Fix clear action in chat panel (create new empty document now)
* Add number of files in result tabs
* Fix sorted by date in search result tabs
* Set MaxRetries to -1 for test because manifest of big file failed with error 4
* Add saving of column width for download, upload and share file panels
* Add warning dialog when disconnect FreeMulET FCP
* Fix messenger problem in client - server configuration

0.6.9, 2006-11-08
* Reduce cpu usage.
* Reduce resolution date for search result and download panel
* Fix eventualy bug in client / server mode
* 69 is a good number for stop developpement and take break.

0.6.9a, 2006-11-09
minor change:
* Fix remove older client bug


To upgrade, download FreeMulET-0.6.9a.jar and replace FreeMulET.jar with the newer file.