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FNTP 0.2.0 - Freenet News Transfer Protocol
« on: September 07, 2007, 06:31:08 PM »

What is FNTP?
FNTP is a cross-platform C++ application designed to transport messages between Freenet and any standard NNTP client. FNTP is compatible with the Frost message format so that the two clients can send and receive messages with each other.

What can it do?
Non-exhaustive list of features:

    * Data stored in sqlite3 database
    * Most required RFC 3977 commands implemented
    * Send and receive messages from keyed and unkeyed boards
    * Verify signatures of incoming messages
    * Sign outgoing messages

Download (freesite)

Win32 Binary
Win32 Support Files Only needed if fntp won't start due to missing DLLs

2007-07-28   v0.2.0
   Changed - NNTP connections are now IP version agnostic
   Changed - FCP connection to node now IP version agnostic

2007-05-12   v0.1.7
   Fixed - possible crash in FCPv2 class when receiving a message

2007-04-21   v0.1.6
   Added - MaxSize for ClientGet to limit returned data to 1 MB
   Changed - Messages signed using new Frost style - as of 2007-04-19
   Fixed - possible crash in FCPv2 class

2007-03-21   v0.1.5
   Added - Keys of files attached in Frost will be appened to news message
   Changed - Improved FCPv2 code
   Changed - "Anonymous" in From or X-FreenetID header will cause message to not be signed
   Fixed - problem with selecting which group to update next

2007-03-10   v0.1.4
   Changed - groups with inserts waiting will update ASAP
   Changed - message updater waits for NodeHello before starting updates
   Fixed - possible crash when POSTing nntp messages

2007-03-02   v0.1.3
   Added - signed message support - see options in ini file
   Added - signature verification for signed messages

2007-02-17   v0.1.2   
   Added - Content-Type header of article to be text/plain with charset UTF-8
   Changed - duplicate messages won't be inserted into database
   Changed - message indexes that return fatal failures won't be tried again

2007-02-09   v0.1.1
   Added - config option to change number of simultaneously updating boards
   Added - automatic reconnect to disconnected fcp node
   Added - crossposting ability
   Changed - message id to Frost style
   Fixed - possible collision of identifiers

2007-02-03   v0.1.0
   Added - anonymous posting   
   Added - article-id param handling for OVER command
   Added - signed board support
   Added - LISTGROUP command
   Fixed - select returning immediately causing 100% CPU usage

2007-01-31   v0.0.4
   Added - LAST and NEXT commands
   Fixed - more cross-platform issues
   Fixed - crash when specifying articleid with HEAD/BODY/ARTICLE commands

2007-01-30   v0.0.3
   Added - handling of OVERVIEW.FMT and NEWSGROUPS params of LIST command
   Changed - NNTP commands now case insensitive
   Fixed - some cross-platform issues

2007-01-29   v0.0.2
   Fixed - some memory leaks

2007-01-28   v0.0.1
   Initial release
   Implements some NNTP commands to view groups and messages


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Re: FNTP 0.2.0 - Freenet News Transfer Protocol
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2008, 05:32:59 AM »
this is the Freenet 0.5 version right? I notice a lot of people are posting information on 0.7+ only clients here.

Remember, kids, Freenet 0.5 is the One True Freenet.
you can get it here, here (for now) and here