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« on: August 29, 2006, 12:47:36 PM »

I got some questions about the uploading process.

First, how do I trace the uploads, not on the moment, but later, in the log file. What must be the logLevel.ini content and what are the key words to recognize an upload ?
The goal is to verify that people can indeed proceed to an upload from my computer, to get sure that they are not blocked by some settings I didn't understand or activate. I came to that question after a few days of use of MUTE and no uploads seen. My files might be of no interest to the few people using MUTE, but I must get sure this is no due to some setting mistake.

Second question  : I tried an certain download a great number of times, but it ends always the same way : "waiting for more sources". What are the possible explanation for the message (a very successful file which is wanted by a lot of people and I'm queued, problem in routing, inadequate settings for large files download, ...) ?

Many thanks for your patience.