Author Topic: Renovation of Planet Peer Wiki is finished  (Read 2946 times)

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Renovation of Planet Peer Wiki is finished
« on: July 17, 2006, 06:47:11 PM »
I just want to inform you about the migration of the "old" Planet Peer Wiki to a new one which is based on MediaWiki now instead of PHPWiki. Over 80% of the content has been converted with a self-written converter for PHPWiki, the rest was pure copy & paste.

Please note that the new Wiki offers more options than the old one. One of the most important new features is the ability to print content from the Planet Peer Wiki to PDF files. I will explain a little bit later how this works.

Aware of this some anti-spam measures are in place to avoid spambot attacks against Wiki pages. A personal watch list feature is also available for those who want to follow the changes in specific Wiki pages.

Last but not least a little hint concerning PDF printing from Wiki content:

1. First off PDFCreator has to be downloaded and installed:

2. Select the Wiki page you want to have printed as PDF file and click on the link Printable Version

3. Select PDFCreator as yoru printer and go for it ;D

I think this is a really cool feature and I am going to copy more content (How tos and articles and such stuff) from the board to the Wiki for easier creation of documentation.