Author Topic: Freenet Project status report (and call for money...)  (Read 3263 times)

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Freenet Project status report (and call for money...)
« on: July 05, 2006, 05:55:43 PM »
Received on the Freenet Announce mailinglist:

Von:    Ian Clarke <>
Betreff:    [Announce] Freenet Project status report - and request for your assistance
Datum:    Mon, 3 Jul 2006 18:19:53 -0700  (Die, 03:19 CEST)

Hi all, time for a status update.

The pace of coding on Freenet has increased dramatically since the 
release of the 0.7 alpha. We now have an active group of core 
developers working with Matthew Toseland (our full-time dev), and a 
growing community of developers working on third-party applications 
through the Freenet Client Protocol. After the rather stagnant period 
before the decision to switch to a darknet model, Freenet is now more 
active and vibrant than it has ever been.

Current estimates put the size of the darknet between 300-400 nodes, 
not bad for a hard-to-use alpha release, and we are seeing an average 
of about 50 commits per week from developers. We have 4 Google Summer 
of Code projects working on everything from a new load-balancing 
mechanism, to a cross-platform file upload and download utility 
(called "Thaw"), and a flexible user-friendly installer.

We have also been thinking hard about how to minimize the inherent 
usability challenges posed by a darknet approach, and with this in 
mind, have implemented support for third party applications to add 
and remove darknet connections via FCP. This means we can do things 
like write IM plugins to make it very easy to establish connections 
to friends.

We will also be deploying "opennet" functionality, so that users who 
don't need the security offered by the darknet, can just start up a 
node and get going immediately, as with previous versions of Freenet, 
but this time with the benefits of NAT circumvention and a UDP-based 

On the more administrative side, Florent Daignière has been a big 
help, setting up a bug tracker (, 
and a variety of other tools to help streamline Freenet's development 

Its not all good news though, despite the generosity of many of our 
users, donations to the project have been unable to keep-up with the 
$2300 per month (a meager salary for a software developer in the UK) 
needed by Matthew Toseland, and right now we are on the verge of not 
being able to continue to pay him - which would obviously be terrible 
for the project. In the past, users and supporters of the project 
have been extremely generous when we have asked them to help us out 
of a financial hole, and I am hoping that you can be similarly 
generous on this occasion.

With this in mind, I would ask that you visit our donations page on 
the website, it can be found at:

And please donate anything you can spare.

Many thanks,

Ian Clarke,
Freenet Project Coordinator.
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