Author Topic: Gnunet-gtk (win XP) always vanishes and cannot be restarted  (Read 5202 times)

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I installed gnunet on XP. I can start gnunetgtk and seaurch and download funktions work. But after a few minutes the window will close and after that I can only restart gnunet-gtk after killing the gnunetd process manually (task manager). Before killing the gnunetd process starting gnunet-gtk will only result in a gnunet-gtk process but not in showing the application. After killing the process and restarting gtk all information about the started downloads is lost. (if I start the same download again the progress that was made before is still there.
Thanks for help.

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Re: Gnunet-gtk (win XP) always vanishes and cannot be restarted
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2006, 08:47:04 AM »
yes, these are known problems. the gtk-GUI only runs perfect on linux.

and they are working on a new GUI for WinXp using Qt. Screenshot

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