Author Topic: SNU 0.7 Build 06149 for Windows and Linux available  (Read 3415 times)

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SNU 0.7 Build 06149 for Windows and Linux available
« on: May 30, 2006, 06:56:23 AM »
Es gibt mal wieder eine neue Version des Seed Node Updaters mit ein paar kleinen Verbesserungen in der Funktionalität. Dieses Release prüft beispielsweise vor einem Update der webHostCaches.ini, ob ein Update überhaupt erforderlich ist.

A new version of Seed Node Updater (SNU in short) is available. This release contains only a few changes, for instance an update check will be performed so SNU is able to detect if your local Web Caches file needs to be updated.

Furthermore I have written a MUTE Cache Checker which checks regularly all cache entries in the webHostCaches.ini and uploads it to All non-working caches are removed from the Web Caches file, so the time needed to connect to the MUTE network will be reduced dramatically.

Please find the readme and the changelog below:


Sorry, have to post this later...


SNU 0.7 Build 06149:

+ Option --webcacheupdate checks first whether an update of the local Web Caches file is really necessary
+ Forced download implemented if update check should fail for some reason
- Dropped seedHosts.ini support

Download: (Windows)
Download: (Linux)