Author Topic: How to build MUTE MFC/JROC?  (Read 4697 times)

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How to build MUTE MFC/JROC?
« on: July 20, 2004, 08:07:02 PM »
Contents of what this document contains by section #:

1. File/Directory Layout
3. How does JROC build the projects?
4. How does JROC use the .exe's that are built?


   ---- 1. File/Directory Layout -------   

 Highest level (both of these directories need to be together
            in the same directory at the same level ):

   i.e. Assume you unzipped the source code in the c:\myprojects directory:
       --- c:\myprojects\MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI
      --- c:\myprojects\MFC_MUTECORE_0.3_SOURCE

      directory MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI --> contains all MFC GUI and APP files and resources
                            in this directory will be Release and Debug dir where
                            the .exe files will be built using the standard build
                            buttons in Visual C++.

     directory MFC_MUTECORE_0.3_SOURCE --> contains very slightly modified version of Jason's
                           original MUTE 0.3 core source code.

  After building, the .exe files are located in:

   where "..." would be replaced with your particular directory where you
   unzipped/unpackaged the original source code files.

   ---- End File/Directory Layout Section -------

   -- disclaimer: I (JROC) originally wrote and coded this with the MS PSDK installed.
               I tried not to rely on functions that are only present with the PSDK,
               but if you try to compile without it and have problems, then it is
               probably necessary to compile this.

               my original setup: VC++6 pro, SP5, with PSDK July 2003 installed

   A. Under the tools menu select Options, and on the "Directories tab"  
      add to the (Include files directory) the directory shown below to the
      library search path:
   judgement to figure out where this path is relative to where you installed
   visual studio.

   The remainder of the project settings should be captured in the .dsp file
   included with the release.  Despite that, I had to add these things to the default
   generated .dsp to get things rolling:
   FOR ALL BUILDS (Release & Debug) :
      a) Set up for static MFC libraries to avoid the "can't find MFC40.dll" type stuff.

      b) In Project Settings under C/C++ tab in the Preprocessor category under the for Preprocessor Directives, added WIN_32,
         since it seems that is what wxWindows uses rather than WIN32 with no underscore

      c) Switched of the usage of Precompiled headers... man am I sick of seeing the
         errors generated from using these precompiled headers

      d) Under the project settings C/C++   tab in the Preprocessor category, the following
         paths were added:


         these rely on you having a directory structure as listed at the top of this file!
      e) Under the project settings Link tab in the General category under the Object/library modules
         the following were added:

         ws2_32.lib Shlwapi.lib

   FOR Release build:
      a) Despite standard/default compiler settings, I had problems with running the
         Release build .exe due to reasons that I decided not to take time to explore.
         Therefore, to side step the problem, for the Release build, I turned of compiler
         optimizations.  Therefore, for the release build, under the C/C++ tab in the
         Optimizations category, I chose disable.


   ---- 3. How does JROC build the projects?    -------   

JROC, locates (using windows explorer) the file MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI.dsw in the directory
MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI discussed in section 1 and double clicks it to execute it.  This, if
all things are installed correctly, opens the project/workspace in MS VC++.
After the project/workspace is open in MS VC++, JROC then selects Build from the top level
pull down menu, followed by selecting Batch Build from the submenu.  From the ensuing
dialog menu, making sure both the Release and Debug builds are selected, JROC selects Rebuild All.

   ---- End How does JROC build the projects? Section    -------   

   ---- 4. How does JROC use the .exe's that are built? -------   

Ok... now let's say you've built the .exe(s).  How do you use the files?
Well, the intention is that you first download the original 0.3 version
of the MUTE program that runs on windows.  Install the program with the
download binaries installation file for this version.  Next, copy either
the DEBUG or RELEASE .exe (MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI.exe) file located at this point in
MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI\Release or MFC_MUTE_0.3_GUI\Debug over to the same directory
where you installed the original copy of 0.3 MUTE.  Then just double click the
executable in the MUTE installation directory and the program should run and
be very similar to the original version with some slight enhancements.

   ---- End How does JROC use the .exe's that are built? Section -------   


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Correction -- compiling MUTE MFC
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2004, 01:38:08 AM »
Although, I use Visual C++ 6.0, it is not the only compiler that will work.

Paolo has compiled my code on Visual Studio 2003, but we made a couple small fixes to make it compile ok...

* if you want to compile and are having problems let me know...

* si quieran compilar con otro compilador y tienen problemas.... por favor dejan me saber y yo tratare ayudarles...
-peace out...

keep it real,