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WASTE Nightly released
« on: December 14, 2005, 09:44:39 AM »
Since nothing new came out during the developmental downtime, I'll throw you guys a bone with a new build. This fixes a few things under the hood, and quite a few confusing/broken interface items. Hopefully this will increase usability. Give it a try by copying waste.exe into your installed WASTE directory.
From the changelog:
WASTE version 1.5 (??.??.????)
-New network connection handling (untied from MSWindows)
-New networking algorithms for connection retries, backoff, 
and # of connections to keep up
-Added intelligence for dynamic IP robustness
-Endian changes to encryption code for Mac OS X port
-Added wastesrv_admin tool for creating config files in unix
-File scanning now follows symbolic links on unix
-Various compiler warnings fixed
***Released 11-22-04 Nightly Build
-Increased FILE_CHUNKSIZE from 4k to 24k, doubled my LAN speeds
***Released 1-22-05 Nightly Build
-Added patch for binding() to specific address based 
on "forced IP" thanks to Conny Brunnkvist (kop) for the patch
-Backed out FILE_CHUNKSIZE change, was causing corruption 
problems with mismatched clients
-Fixed bug with dynDNS on outgoing connections
-Eliminated some windows build warnings
-Fixed forgotten key and connection speed, and invalid password
error thanks to bigtoe416
-Fixed symlink loop thanks to patch
-Updated long outdated copyright information
-Merged changelogs
-Fixed build warnings
-Minor interface improvements
-Officially supported and compiled by C++ 7.1
-About dialog has stupid protections (this is open source anyway after all). Changed to something prettier
-Now UPX compressed
***Released 12-11-05 Nightly Build
Leave any comments here. Bugs should be reported to the usual location, please mark them as occuring in this build. Also remember that this is nothing radical, just a few bug fixes. Fix a few more and WASTE v1.5 final should be ready to go. Enjoy!