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I2Phex verfügbar
« on: November 19, 2005, 11:14:56 PM »
Latest changes in cvs:
- by default, only allow sharing data off the C drive on windows, to prevent
that annoying "Please enter a disk in drive $foo" popup. You can enable
sharing from other disks by adding "allowedRoots=CDEF" to your i2phex.cfg
(thanks Legion!)
- when stopping a download, do so in a separate thread, rather than in
the AWT thread (so it doesn't hang the GUI for up to a minute)

The full installation package can be found at: (pgp sig [link:])

Windows users can just run that, installing it into a directory "next to" your I2P installation directory (e.g. if you install I2P in the default location - C:\Program Files\i2p, you should install I2Phex in C:\Program Files\i2phex). *nix/osx users can instead run "java -jar i2phex_0.1.1.36_install.exe", installing it next to their I2P install.

The installer should create an i2phex icon on your desktop and a start menu folder with i2phex and an uninstaller. Whenever you want to run I2Phex, just use either of those, or run the I2Phex.exe in the I2Phex installation directory. *nix/osx users can just use "java -jar i2phex.exe" in the I2Phex installation directory, or can work through the optional shell scripts.

There is also a non-exe version up at: (pgp sig [link:])

This is the plain i2phex without an installer - just unzip it and run the included I2Phex.exe. You won't get a start menu, desktop icon, or uninstaller, but you may not care.