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i2phex released
« on: October 19, 2005, 09:19:42 AM »
a new version is released!

Striker's modifications in cvs:

- FULL UPLOAD BUG FIX (at least this one) !
I2Phex now will automatically abort stalled uploads currently when stalled at a blocking operation for more than six minutes. Significantly reduced host busy errors should occur when downloading from hosts with the fixed code.

- Slight modification to UploadEngine in order to hopefully help with possible garbage collection issue raised by Complication.

- Changed settings back near defaults due to upload bugs being fixed. Now the default is to allow two slots per destination and up to five global slots total. Anyone upgrading should consider changing settings manually.

The full installation package can be found at: (pgp sig [link:])

Windows users can just run that, installing it into a directory "next to" your I2P installation directory (e.g. if you install I2P in the default location - C:\Program Files\i2p, you should install I2Phex in C:\Program Files\i2phex). *nix/osx users can instead run "java -jar i2phex_0.1.1.33_install.exe", installing it next to their I2P install.

The installer should create an i2phex icon on your desktop and a start menu folder with i2phex and an uninstaller. Whenever you want to run I2Phex, just use either of those, or run the I2Phex.exe in the I2Phex installation directory. *nix/osx users can just use "java -jar i2phex.exe" in the I2Phex installation directory, or can work through the optional shell scripts.

There is also a non-exe version up at: (pgp sig])

This is the plain i2phex without an installer - just unzip it and run the included I2Phex.exe. You won't get a start menu, desktop icon, or uninstaller, but you may not care.

There is also i2phex's "source" release available, but that only includes the partial export that phex's original "makeRelease" bundles. To build from source, I recommend:
cvs -d co i2phex
cd build
ant makeRelease

This builds release/i2phex_0.1.1.33_install.exe and the rest. That ant script assumes ../i2p/ is the i2p source directory, with everything built, plus the contents of ../i2p/build/ available at ../i2p/lib/ (this last restriction will be removed later).

The release has been tagged in CVS as "i2phex_0_1_1_33".

Thanks again striker for the update!