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GNUnet 0.7 Pre 6a
« on: August 21, 2005, 07:27:08 PM »

es gibt eine neue Version von Gnunet:


This release fixes various critical bugs found in the pre5 release.* The sqlite database format changed, so please read UPDATING.* In particular, it fixes a bug that caused gnunetd to drop far too many messages.* Also, problems with the transactional semantics of the MySQL database code (leading to unnecessary blocking and terrible performance) and message corruption by the fragmentation code (resulting in failure to transfer larger files over UDP) were resolved.* A major bug in the SMTP transport was also addressed.* The new version also fixes various segmentation violations, a possible division by zero, some memory leaks and various other bugs.* Support for automatically naming downloaded files in gnunet-gtk was improved.* Falls Sie Fehler finden, so melden Sie sie bitte an mantis.

pre6a is available, fixing a infinite loop (100% CPU usage).