Author Topic: Idiots guide to i2phex on windows xp  (Read 4296 times)

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Idiots guide to i2phex on windows xp
« on: August 13, 2005, 03:15:49 PM »
Hope this is usefull.

Have i2p running and working.

1. Download http://legion.i2p/archives/ Unzip and copy and rename folder to C:\Program Files\i2phex

2. Download http://legion.i2p/archives/ Unzip and copy I2PhexLauncher.exe to C:\Program Files\i2phex folder

3. Set user and system variables: Goto, control panel -> system -> advanced -> enviromental variables (it's a button)
Add two new system variables.

Name> I2PHOME Value> c:\progra~1\i2p

Name> JAVAHOME Value> c:\progra~1\java\jre1.5.0_04\ (if you have java 1.5 update 4 check if not sure.)

4. Start i2phex by double clicking on I2PhexLauncher.exe in i2phex folder.

5. Once started close and shutdown i2phex.

6. Download http://legion.i2p/i2phex.hosts and http://legion.i2p/i2pautoconnecthosts.cfg and copy to C:\Documents and Settings\USER\i2phex (replace USER with your user name)

7. Start i2phex via I2PhexLauncher.exe in i2phex folder

8. Click connect to network in i2phex GUI. (computer + world button)

Now you should have a working i2phex network, set up download folder and enjoy.

Note if you are having problems downloading i2phex from legions eepsite then 55cancri has mirror. http://55cancri.i2p/archive/
I had to lower my tunnel depth to download from legions eepsite.

Thats to sirup, legion and everyone else involved.