Author Topic: Bitseal - a Bitmessage client for Android  (Read 1260 times)

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Bitseal - a Bitmessage client for Android
« on: June 17, 2015, 09:09:29 PM »



Working features:
   - Sending messages
   - Receiving messages
   - QR codes for addresses
   - Address Book
   - Import addresses
   - Export addresses
   - Choose which servers to use (including your own)

Roadmap for development (subject to change):
   - Update for Bitmessage Protocol Version 3
   - Lite client message retrieval using prefix filters (credit to Peter Todd for suggesting this)
   - Local encryption of the database, using SQLCipher
   - SSL for connections between clients and servers
   - POW implemented in C or C++ via the Android NDK
   - Support for broadcasts
   - Refresh the UI


- Bitseal is not ready for widespread use yet. A full release is planned once lite client message retrieval is implemented. The app will be available on the Google Play store once this is done.

- Bitseal is free, open source software, released under the Gnu General Public License Version 3.

- Some parts of Bitseal include, are based on, or are reliant upon software written by others, including Jonathan Warren, Sebastian Schmidt, Tim Roes, Roberto Tyley, the bitcoinj developers, and the Bouncy Castle developers. This is noted in the source code where applicable.

- I have set up a few default servers which can be used for testing purposes. Anyone is free to set up and use their own. The server application is simply a slightly modified copy of PyBitmessage.

- The development of Bitseal has been a large project, taking many months of work. I'm doing it on a purely non-profit basis. Bitcoin donations are very gratefully received: 1ALTrxJ3Yn3Rc85Uf467u3ZcpHCzx4jDAT

Bitseal 0.5.5 is now available.

- Fixed a bug which caused new screens to be opened instead of re-using existing ones.
- Modified configuration for communication with server to improve performance.

Known Issues:
- Scrolling in the Inbox and Sent lists is still slow while catching up with the network.
- Bitseal still uses a lot of bandwidth and battery life! Keep an eye on this while testing.

Beta testers who have joined the Google+ testing group should get the update automatically.

Other testers can either download a pre-compiled APK file or compile the app from the Github repository.

Many thanks to all the testers for their feedback so far! Particular thanks also to everyone who has donated to support Bitseal's development.

Anyone who would like to make a donation can use the Bitcoin address 1ALTrxJ3Yn3Rc85Uf467u3ZcpHCzx4jDAT.