Author Topic: The Blockchain Magic: Φ Free Anonymous Internet  (Read 756 times)

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The Blockchain Magic: Φ Free Anonymous Internet
« on: November 09, 2015, 11:17:18 AM »
Φ--Free Anonymous Internet, upgrades internet by providing ultimate freedom and anonymity

Ultimate Freedom

Can NEVER be deleted, locked, modified or censored
Accessible from anywhere

Ultimate Anonymity
No real world personal data needed
Footprint untraceable

Next generation Internet infrastructure
Full compatibility to existing internet system
Plenty of general purpose APIs enabling quick and powerful Apps development
Open source to ensure safety and upgradability

Core Innovations :

Φ Account

The Φ account system is based on asymmetric cryptography, specifically, ECDSA technology

Each user can create a unique Φ account by himself/herself. A Φ account is a privatekey – namekey (publickey) pair. Namekey represents the Φ account, and digital signatures signed by private key proves the control of the Φ account and triggers digital operations

A Φ account is fully owned and controlled by the user only. No website, organization, or government is able to access your Φ accounts

The absence of any link between Φ account and real world personal information ensures ultimate anonymity

Φ account is free. The zero cost to create, possess, use and abandon as many Φ accounts as needed ensures ultimate freedom

Φ accounts are compatible with all kinds of digital system and are extremely easy to implement. "One account for any app" will become true in the near future

Φ Network

Φ network system is based on P2P technology, aka decentralized network

Φ network has no centers. Every node in the Φ network is equal. Users can communicate point-to-point, or broadcast and relay Φ information

Because of the cascade spreading of Φ information in the Φ network, there's no way to block, censor or modify Φ information

Also because of the cascade-spreading of Φ information in the Φ network, it's extremely difficult to track the origin of Φ information. Ultimate anonymity is ensured meanwhile

Any digital device can join the Φ network by following the basic Φ network protocol. Many kinds of apps can run on Φ network, even without a server

Φ Database

The Φ database system is based on blockchain technology

There's always only one valid version of Φ database in the whole network, while many node/digital devices keep a full copy of it

No Φ information can be deleted, because every node in the Φ network has a full copy of the Φ database

Φ information following Φ database rules will go into Φ database after confirmed by Φ miners. The Φ database rules strictly require digital signature from the sender of the Φ information, so that no one else can modify the Φ information, i.e. the Φ information will be stored in the Φ database as what it is forever. Because of the decentrality of miners, there’s no way to block any valid Φ information going into Φ database

Because everybody has exactly the same copy of Φ database, there're no ways to know what data a user has browsed. Ultimate anonymity is ensured

The Φ database is open for any kind of digital information, including not only text, image, video, but also programs, settings, operation commands, etc

Φ Currency

The Φ currency system is based on Bitcoin technology

The Φ currency is published and distributed independently on Φ system. It has no relationship with traditional currencies, so it's independent from any traditional banking and financial system

Any Φ account can receive and send Φ currency. Naturally, the Φ currency system inherits the freedom and anonymity of Φ account

A unique advantage of Φ currency system is that, the currency transaction is processed together with information and operation commands on the Φ system. It is unimaginably easy for merchants or app developers to integrate currency functions into their programs