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I2P 0.9.1 published
« on: July 31, 2012, 10:43:34 AM »
0.9.1 includes a large number of bug fixes in i2psnark, some streaming lib improvements, home page changes, new themes, and translation updates. Upgrading is recommended.
Files are available on the download page.



- Fix several bugs in downloading torrents with skipped files
- Fix places where rarest-first was not honored
- Fix handling of encoded magnet links
- Additional inbound connection limits
- Immediate closing of connections with handshake errors
- Blocklist peers with multiple handshake errors
- Delay "ballooning" files on disk until required, to speed torrent adds
- Store partial pieces in temp files to greatly reduce memory usage when leeching
 - Remove peers restriction when leeching torrents with large pieces
- Improve configuration of open and private trackers
- Prevent configuratino of default trackers as private
- Improved display and control of torrent file downloads
- Reduced number of threads
- Faster startup and shutdown of torrents
- Allow clearing of message box
- New light theme
- Torrent info page updates and cleanups
- Fix problems with restarted torrents
- Delay tunnel close at shutdown to ensure trackers are notified
- Better UI behavior during tunnel startup and shutdown

Bug Fixes

- Prevent shutdown hangs caused by buggy plugins
- Fix for Raspberry Pi crashing
- Fix rare job queue hang
- Fix routing key modifier rarely not updating at midnight
- Fix excessive padding in some AES-encrypted messages
- Fix occasional gunzip failures
- Several fixes to streaming lib to speed recovery after dropped packets and improve retransmit behavior
 - Fix bug that reduced reuse of tunnels


- Ports are now passed through the SOCKS and HTTP proxies to support eepsite virtual hosts. See http://zzz.i2p/topics/1182 for setup instructions.
 - I2PTunnel configuration changes now take effect immediately. No tunnel restart required.
 - Summary bar iframe removed, refresh is now via Javascript only
- Reduce netDB flood redundancy
- Reduce stats publishing frequency
- Minor router console changes
- New Hungarian and Greek translations
- Completed Italian translation
- Updates to Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish translations
- Update geoip to Maxmind 2012-07-04
- Theme updates
- Theme support for SusiMail and SudiDNS; new dark themes
- I2PTunnel and SusiDNS now iframed with summary bar
- Console home page now shows news summary in summary bar
- Console home page icon updates
- Console summary bar now configurable
- Change the HTTP proxy error code from 404 to 500
- Cleanups for efficiency in netdb and I2CP
- Increase timeout for internal uses of eepget to improve reliability
 SHA256 Checksums:
    0727af83988e82f32e0972a9e12c72ac14c3c0da0815c5902193d6b13d356371  i2pinstall_0.9.1_windows.exe
    39c19c0df042ad231a14fdf1c20e4927651a2af0f0cf734b46eba0d2b8419314  i2pinstall_0.9.1.jar
    8603c928a210ced77b6498bf8ee07cb000be9641adc389b34c3c8a10ac4f0677  i2psource_0.9.1.tar.bz2
    4f07fee850d56fada06f0aeabb5bb46c6172bad72411e07bf4f6a8e0d76d8acd  i2pupdate.su2
    c039b423983789d914a1d02d3703b3c1aa36c87165e132419ff39b5d184ef480  i2pupdate.sud