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Board News / The Board Rules
« on: May 23, 2004, 05:06:00 PM »
To avoid legal actions against me as the board maintainer please keep the following board rules in mind:

0. The Planet Peer Board provides techical support and discussion forums about anonymous filesharing software and nothing else

1. Do not post or ask for copyrighted material like albums, songs, movies, applications and so on

2. No requests for cracks, cd keys etc.

3. Do not post or ask for eDonkey links or MUTE hashes for stuff which belong to one of the categories mentioned in 1.

4. If you are referring to search examples for filesharing networks replace your search expression always with neutral terms like <A LEGAL FILE>. I do not wish to see real world examples like names of movies, artists and so on.

5. Do not post links to warez sites

These rules are really simple and easy to notice so please do that  ;D

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