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Title: OneSwarm 0.6.5 released
Post by: crypton on August 13, 2009, 10:37:07 AM
  Version 0.6.5 (August 3, 2009, current)

    * support for email invites
    * preliminary support for magnet:// and oneswarm:// links (not yet exposed in the UI)
    * redesigned settings UI
    * startup speed improvements, particularly when sharing many files
    * bugfix: download appear to have completed instantly, stuck in error state
    * bugfix: downloading a single file from a collection creates many size 0 files
    * bugfix: unable to enable/disable developer updates
    * bugfix: forwarding and local uploads given equal priority
    * bugfix: several deadlocks and race conditions
    * bugfix: low utilization in certain situations with low capacity limits