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Title: Retroshare Release (v0.3.0pre10)
Post by: crypton on May 15, 2007, 08:26:31 PM
Posted By: drbob7
Date: 2007-05-15 04:34
Summary: Retroshare Release (v0.3.0pre10)

The new Windows Beta for Retroshare. (v0.3.0pre10) 
is now available from 
Retroshare is a cross-platform private sharing
platform. This latest release enables private
chat and easy certificate sharing.
Retroshare Features:
* F2F communication network 
* Web-Of-Trust Authentication.
* Private and Secured by OpenSSL.
* Private and Group Chat.
* Secure Messages (like Email)
* Simple File-Sharing.
* Automaticly Resumed Downloads.
* Easy Exchange of Certificates.
It is available for download from
join the growing retroshare network.
Title: Re: Retroshare Release (v0.3.0pre10)
Post by: rb2k on May 15, 2007, 08:35:49 PM
und immer noch kein OSX Release... schade :(
Title: Re: Retroshare Release (v0.3.0pre10)
Post by: crypton on May 16, 2007, 12:26:31 PM

und immer noch kein OSX Release... schade :(

wie schon gesagt keiner von uns hat ne MAC.
sonst hätten wir auch ne MAC version.

Man muss erst jemanden finden der OSX hat und der muss sich mit dem kompilieren unter OSX bissle auskennen .

Compiling + Running RetroShare (V0.3.0)

Quick Requirements:
   C/C++ Compiler. (standard on Linux/cygwin)
   KadC Dht library
   Qt-4.2 development libraries.

RetroShare Source Code: ( from

Windows Requirements:
   Cygwin (Windows Only)
   Pthreads (Windows Only)
   Zlib (Windows Only)

OpenSSL-0.9.7g-xpgp is available at:

KadC (latest) is available from

Download/Compile as per instructions...


Compiling Linux

(1) compile openSSL-0.9.7g-xpgp.

(2) compile KadC. (and correct the library)

(4) Modify ./make.opts
   (4a) modify the Makefile so that:  OS=Linux or OS=Win
   (4c) Define SSL_DIR to point to openSSL-0.9.7g-xpgp.
   (4c) Define KADC_DIR to point to KadC

(5) type: make
   This builds ./lib/libretroshare.a,
   and the various test programs.

   There is server-only (no GUI) executable
   compiled in ./rsiface/retroshare-nogui,
   you can run this to check that its working.


Compiling Linux (Alternative Instructions from Bharath)
here's how to compiled retroshare on ubuntu linux:
 compile openssl:
 1. Get the patched version of openssl (openssl-0.9.7g-xpgp, from
 2. run:
 make test
 compile KadC:
 1. Get KadC library from 
 2. run:
 install packages needed for retroshare compile: 
 sudo apt-get install libxft-dev
 sudo apt-get install libXinerama-dev
 complile retroshare:
 1. set directories in make.opt:
 2. comment out the directory declarations uncer Cygwin since that will override your directory declarations from 1.
 3. change RSLIBS = -L$(LIBDIR) -lretroshare -L$(SSL_DIR) -lssl -lcrypto -lpthread -lKadC 
  RSLIBS = -L$(LIBDIR) -lretroshare -L$(SSL_DIR) -lssl -lcrypto -lpthread -L$(KADC_DIR) -lKadC
 4. run:
Hope this helps.

Compiling the Qt GUI

(1) untar the Qt-GUI source package. run qmake,

   tar -xvzf Qt-GUI-XXXX.tgz

   cd Qt-Gui-XXX/src/


(2) tweak the makefile: The default makefile
   doesn't have the links to the retroshare
   libraries. It should something like this:

RSLIBS  = -L/home/dev/prog/devel/rs-v0.3.0XXX/src/lib -lretroshare -lKadC
SSLLIBS = -L/home/dev/prog/devel/openssl-0.9.7g-xpgp -lssl -lcrypto
LIBS          = $(SUBLIBS)  $(RSLIBS) $(SSLLIBS)  -L/usr/lib -lQtXml -lQtGui -lQtNetwork -lQtCore -lpthread

   This should build you an executable:


This has been compiled on the following platforms:
   (a) Debian Linux (stable/testing/unstable)
   (b) Suse Linux   (9.X/10.X)
   (c) WinXP

WIN XP Compilation.

This much harder, and more perilous than the
Linux compilation: It requires both the cygwin
and the mingw compilers...

   Cygwin development environment
   Qt4.2 opensource development kit + MinGw.
   source code for all libraries.

In Brief:
UNDER Cygwin:
   (1) Compile openssl-xpgp.
   (2) Compile pthreads.
   (3) Compile zlib.
   (4) Compile KadC. (there are some tweaks,
      needed to the code)

   (5) Compile retroshare-v0.3.0

UNDER Mingw:
   (6) Compile the Qt-Gui.

Email me if you're having trouble:

Title: Re: Retroshare Release (v0.3.0pre10)
Post by: rb2k on May 16, 2007, 12:36:00 PM
hmmm... libXinerama deutet auf X11 hin... das is nervig ^^
Hab leider keinerlei Erfahrung mit QT Entwicklung :-(
Aber evtl schau ich mir es mal etwas genauer an :)